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Hand Me Down Dobes, Pre and Post Adoption
Pre & Post Adoption

Before and After Adopting Your Doberman Pinscher

Thank you for your interest in Hand Me Down Dobes! This section will show you what to expect before you adopt from Hand Me Down Dobes and also what is expected of you after the adoption.

Veterinary Care

Medical care and careful screening before placement of a rescued dog are very important to his welfare. Every animal taken in by our rescue program is examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and tested for heartworm, de-wormed if necessary, micro-chipped, and provided with any other needed medical treatment. Your adoption fee also includes spaying or neutering of your new Dobe.

Your Responsibility

As part of our adoption contract, you agree to take your new dobe to the vet within two weeks of adoption. During this visit, you will need to purchase heartworm preventative. We generally recommend Heartguard Plus or Interceptor but you should follow your vet's advice. This initial visit will allow the vet to open a file for your dobe and perform an initial examination. If the Heartworm preventative does not include flea protection, you should consider purchasing this as well. Be sure to take your dog's contract with you to this exam. It contains your dog's health records from HMDD, which will help your vet get to know your dobe's health history.


Obtaining a license for your dog is a legal requirement and does come with benefits. The laws vary among counties and states, but generally, all dogs over 3 months of age are required to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. This license must be renewed annually.

So what are the benefits of licensing your new Dobe?

1. If your dog escapes, the license shows others (including Animal Control) that your dog has a home and is not a stray. If Animal Control does find your dog, they will use the information on the license to return him to you.
2. You may find that some dog parks and doggie day care facilities require your dog to be licensed.
3. Your license fee supports local animal rescue, adoption, and education programs.


All of our rescues are "micro-chipped" and registered with an organization that maintains and manages a micro-chip database. Each Dobe is injected with an electronic chip that contains an identification number. The chip is only about the size of a grain of rice and will remain positioned at the spot it was injected, in the muscle between the Dobe's shoulder blades. It is perfectly safe for the dog and can be very helpful if he ever escapes. If someone finds your Dobe and he ends up in a shelter or in a veterinarian's office, he will be scanned by a detector that will provide the micro-chip identification number. This number will link your information and assist in returning your dog home.

To learn more about the micro-chipping process, visit The American Veterinary Medical Association's website.


Contact our Dobe Hotline (614-470-2851), or email us at adoptions@hmdd.org.

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